"Love, Loyalty and Friendship in Every Brew"

Coldbrew Co LLC

About Us

Claddagh Coldbrew, is the brain child of Scott and Kristi Ensign, with our friends at Covabrelli Coffee providing the amazing artisan roasted coffee.
Growing up in coffee country in central Africa, Scott can't remember when coffee wasn't a part of his life. Over the years, his search for exceptional coffee to drink, became a passion to provide exceptional coffee to others in unique and convenient ways. A traditional "hot" brewed coffee drinker, Scott was introduced to cold brewed coffee in 2012 and immediately developed a love for the rounder, sweeter flavor and mouth-feel of cold brewed coffee. He still prefers to drink his cold brew "Hot". Kristi, who had always needed to have something in coffee to tolerate the bitterness, loves that she can drink cold brew straight and enjoy the flavor of the coffee. She has since discovered that many, like her, prefer cold brew for that very reason. Working as a team, Scott experiments and brews (consuming way too much caffeine) while Kristi is indispensible with her tasting opinions and business accumen.
We brew our coffee slowly, over many hours, to draw out the wonderful flavors locked in the beans through careful farming practices and artisan roasting. Without the pressures of rapidly brewing through "hot" brewing techniques a beverage emerges that has significantly less acid, leaving your palate free to enjoy those flavors un-clouded by the bitterness. The reduction in acidity results in some nice general health benefits as well.
We at Claddagh Coldbrew believe that coffee is at the heart of relationships and community. People live life together with coffee and often the most precious relationships begin over a cup of coffee. Anything that important needs to be exceptional. Our passion is to take exceptional, organically grown and roasted cold brewed coffee out of the cafes and into your home. We hope that you will soon be able to find Claddagh Coldbrew products at your favorite restaurant, pub and market.

Scott & Kristi Ensign
"Love, Loyalty and Friendship in Every Brew"